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This book is designed to give you a happiness boost.

Our feelings are more important than most people realize. What we think matters but what we feel matters more.

In this book there are simple exercises to be done daily in the morning in about ten minutes. These exercises are meant to start your day in a positive way and over time will raise your happiness level.

Just ten minutes a day! Terri Lynn always says, “When you feel good, good things happen!” and that is what this book does. Gets you feeling good.

10 Minutes to a Happier You

“When you feel good, good things happen!”

By following these simple exercises in this book you can easily boost your happiness.


A Simple Process to Live a Happy Life!

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This book will raise your hapiness level!

“When you feel good,
good things happen!”

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About The Author


Terri Lynn is an expert at choosing happiness. Her painful past forced her to die in the sadness or focus on the positive and survive.

After many years the sadness in her life passed and her positivity soared. Terri Lynn’s experience as a Sales Manager earned her the nickname Fortune Cookie due to her enthusiastic nature and optimistic attitude.

She now hopes to show others the benefit of putting happiness first.

When happiness is first all else in life is enhanced. LIVE HAPPY!

“I love the simple yet powerful exercises and affirmations presented in this book that can support us in starting each day with a positive state of mind and raising our frequency, so we can not only experience more happiness in our lives but also attract to us all that our heart desires.”

Marisa Ferrera

#1 Best Selling Author of Magnify Your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire

“When I first saw the title of Terri Murphy’s new book, I was intrigued. I thought, how is she going to cover becoming happier in 10 minutes. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to discover the book was interactive, and filled with practical tools to help us truly become happier by practicing proven techniques and strategy on a daily basis. I practiced main exercise and immediately felt a difference in my overall feeling, and being. I also love the fortune cookies. This is a book I could comfortably recommend to anyone looking for more happiness – which is really almost everyone.”

Corey Poirier

That Speaker Guy

“We create our own reality. Knowing that, who doesn’t want to create more feelings of
happiness? There’s always room for more ‘happy’ in our day! What I love about 10 Minutes to a
Happier You is that it is a simple process that is easy to do. Make that 10-minute choice each
day for yourself and, I promise you, your happiness will spread to everyone around you.”

Lee Ann Fortunato

Creative One

“Keep 10 Minutes to a Happier You by Terri Lynn by your bed. Be sure to grab it first thing in the morning. Her loving inspirations along with the exercise will shift you into a good mood right from the start of your day!”

—Anna Pereira
The Wellness Universe

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